• Henry James

5 Common Frustrations With The Housing Market

A buyer’s agent can help you secure a better property, a better price, or both, provided you engage the right one. Unlike a real estate agent, a buyer’s agent has no connection with the seller, instead, their job is to guide the buyer through the entire property buying process and ensure their best interests are represented. The concept of using a buyer’s agent comes from the fact that most people only buy one or two properties in their life. They don’t gain the depth of experience of negotiating, researching and getting things right from only a handful of experiences. Below are 5 common frustrations that exhausted home buyers have with the property market;

1.    Frustrated with trying to make sense of price guides vs final sale prices

2.    Worried about over-paying for a property at auction

3.    Anxious about overlooking a fundamental aspect of the due diligence process

4.    Tired of spending their Saturday’s attending open homes and being unsuccessful at auction

5.    Underestimated how monotonous and time-consuming the process is and how difficult it can be to effectively juggle with work, friends & family etc.

If engaging someone who would help alleviate these concerns would assist you in bringing your property search to a successful, efficient conclusion – please contact me below;

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